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Make a Smooth Transition from Unemployment or Employment to Business Ownership and Become a Change Maker in your Community

Dear Friend,


You have just accessed a proven way to make your way into the world of entrepreneurship and can now look forward to a financially sound future in 2018 and beyond.

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Let’s begin.

I am Diana Osei, a Computer Science graduate of Ashesi University College and the Founder and President of the Change Maker Fan Club, an initiative that promotes entrepreneurship and the business mindset for all age groups.
Picture of Diana Osei and Patrick Awuah at Ashesi Graduation
Diana Osei receiving the prestigious Leadership, Citizenship and Scholarship Award from Patrick Awuah, the Founder and President of Ashesi University College, at her graduation ceremony

I am here to give you access to GH¢20,000 cash to help you pursue your dream business or project and become an entrepreneur. So, be sure to read every word on this page until the very end. 

Simply answer these questions:

Do you have an innovative business idea and have been looking for an investor who will NOT STEAL your idea?

What social problem would you choose to solve if you had all the money and resources required available to you?

Are you a worker living from hand to mouth and having more month left at the end of your pay instead of having more pay left at the end of the month? Do your family members or relatives depend on your monthly income?  
Are you a student who would like to make extra cash without interfering with your studies and would like to stop depending on your parents or relatives for pocket money?       

Are you an unemployed graduate, broke, frustrated and confused, seeking practical solutions to change your financial situation for the better?

What would you do if you could legitimately and comfortably earn about GH¢1500 on the internet in the next one month without bothering family or friends?

How would you invest this money?    

    Acquire a piece of land?         

    Start your dream business?
Spend your holidays outside Ghana?

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions because you have a dream. DREAM BIG.

All your dreams can come true in three simple steps.

First, believe in yourself.

Second, get your copy of my Change Maker Package.

Third, persevere. Perseverance or Resilience means making concerted efforts towards the successful completion of a goal. An entrepreneur must persevere and be undeterred by uncertainties, risks, obstacles, or difficulties which could challenge the achievement of the ultimate goal.

Dear friend, where you are financially in your life right now is not your destination, it is just a season.

You will be surprised to discover that the financial solution you have been looking for has been right in front of you but somehow you did not see it.

I am about to reveal to you how my Change Maker Package can boost your finances by helping you to earn over GH¢1000 GUARANTEED in the next one month right here in Ghana.

Some Testimonials

Here are some testimonials by some of my very satisfied clients:

“Thank God for the affordable promo price!!! I grabbed my copy of the Change Maker Package at a time when I had been unemployed for 5 months. Today, I am self-sufficient and able to give back to my community as a change maker.”                                    - Paul Gyeketey, Adeiso

“Discovering Diana and her Change Maker Fan Club has been a blessing. I received her Package as promised and was blown away by the information provided in it. I took action immediately and was able to pay off all my outstanding debts and have the peace of mind to drive my dream project. I highly recommend joining the Club to access the Members’ Area and all the other benefits.”                                - Emmanuel Kalitsi, Ho

The Change Maker Package was carefully prepared with you in mind. It consists of five special e-books on business as well as direct mentorship from me with practical hold-you-by-the-hand steps to becoming self-sufficient by working on projects or business ideas that challenge and inspire and fulfill you. The GH¢20,000 that I will be giving you access to will, among other competencies, come from how well you apply my change maker strategies for leveraging the internet.

As the Founder and President of the Change Maker Fan Club, I have seen it all when it comes to making money on the internet. I know that there are many scams out there and there are also genuine online opportunities like the ones I am offering you in my Change Maker Package. I know how it feels like to lose your hard earned money on the internet because I have been there and I can assure you that all that pain and financial burden will be a thing of the past once you begin to earn your thousands of Ghana Cedis using the proven formula in my Change Maker Package. I sincerely speak from experience and I just can't wait for you to give me the opportunity to mentor you. 

You see, the day I made my first GH¢1000 online by using this very same formula that I am about to reveal to you, was a turning point my life. Among other blessings, it opened up additional income streams for me to tap into and gain control of my financial destiny and entrepreneurial path. I would love for you to have a similar turning point experience. Wouldn't you?


The beauty about using the proven formula in my Change Maker Package is that it has absolutely:              
nothing to do with having a physical office location
nothing to do with sports betting
nothing to do with crypto currency
nothing to do with forex trading
nothing to do with network marketing and           
nothing to do with completing online surveys or sharing referral links

It requires little to no startup capital.

You can easily exercise the formula during your spare time from any part of Ghana regardless of your age, gender or educational level as long as you have internet access at home, on your mobile phone or at an internet café.

Change Maker Fan Club is on a mission to mentor 100 serious business-minded Ghanaians who are ready to become entrepreneurs and employers and are ready to manage a GH¢20,000 seed capital.  

Inside our Change Maker Package is the step-by-step guidelines of how you too can earn GH¢1000 per month in Ghana and unlock your access to the GH¢20,000 GUARANTEED.  

The Change Maker Package contains the following: 


Entrepreneurship Success Fast-Track by Diana Osei
Entrepreneurship Success Fast-Track Book Cover

  • This e-book will be a crash course on how to start a small business and grow it into a business empire. It includes an interview with a successful female entrepreneur and her strategies for running her yoghurt business, strategies that you can also apply to your own business. You won't find any fluff or filler put in there just to make the e-book long. No. All you will find is a short, straight to the point, tried and tested info you can use starting today.


These bonuses include four (4) e-books I previously acquired when I actively started out on my entrepreneurship journey at age 21. The e-books have contributed to my entrepreneurship success today and having your own copies of them is like having an oracle database at your fingertips.

Bonus One: 
The Science of Making Money in the Thin Air by Seth Raymond Marveric

Book Cover for The Science of Making Money in the Thin Air

  •  Learn how to Master the Formula for Wealth and use it to generate Residual Income
  •  Learn how to Get Paid to use your Mobile Phone and turn GH¢20 into GH¢10000 in three (3) months
(Value: GH¢30)

Bonus Two: 
A-Z of Mini Importation Business by Adeyemi Oluwaseun
Book Cover for A-Z of Mini Importation Business
  • Learn How to Import Hot in Demand Products like Blackberries, iPads, Wrist watches, Galaxy Tabs, Android Phones and Laptops from USA, UK and CHINA completely risk-free
  • Learn How to Determine the Quality of a Product before Buying and How to Track your Shipments and confirm deliveries
(Value: GH¢150)

Bonus Three: 
Mobile Marketing Consulting by Jacob Awuni
Book Cover for Mobile Marketing Consulting
  • Learn how to help Businesses grow and leverage Mobile Technology by understanding what drives Customer Behavior.
  •  Learn how to legitimately obtain a lot of Consumer Information and leverage it to boost brand image and profitability.
(Value: GH¢50)

Bonus Four: 
Steps to Turn what you Know into an Income by Akin Alabi 
Book Cover for Steps to Turn what you Know into an Income

  • Do you have knowledge that other people need? BOOM! Start an informational product business!
  • Learn how the author made over GH¢100,000 selling different kinds of information products to as many people as he could using different promotional techniques
(Value: GH¢70)

Bonus Five:
Guaranteed After-sales Support, Mentorship and Service

Guaranteed After-sales Support, Mentorship and Service!

  • You will need someone to guide you to start mapping out your dreams after you have completed perusing the Change Maker Package. I am committed to providing this support to ensure that you are able to make the most out of the tools in the Package.
(Value: Priceless)

Bonus Six:
Exclusive Membership of Change Maker Fan Club! 
Exclusive Membership of Change Maker Fan Club!

  • The Change Maker Fan Club Members’ Area is where we discuss what is HOT and what is NOT in the world of business and bounce ideas off each other. You will also be entitled to receive essential tips for growing your income, gaining startup capital and/ or expanding your business. 
(Value: Priceless)


The Change Maker Package

You will agree with me that this Change Maker Package is so informative as to definitely transform the history of any empty bank account, guaranteed! You will be getting:
  • an information-packed e-book to fast-track your entrepreneurship success and unlock your access to GH¢20,000 cash
  • four other e-books on business with step-by-step guidelines on how to earn GH¢1000 per month on the internet
  • direct mentorship from me with practical hold-you-by-the-hand steps for becoming self-sufficient by working on projects or business ideas that challenge and inspire and fulfill you
  • over GH¢300 worth of bonuses

Therefore, the price for the entire Package should be at least GH¢100. But as a result of my special PROMO, the price has been reduced and made very affordable so that you don’t have to BREAK THE BANK to make your payment.  

You will only have to pay GH¢20, Yes; just GH¢20 before the 1st of FEBRUARY 2018 and you will get the entire Change Maker Package including ALL THE BONUSES to launch you on the path to financial independence.

What are you waiting for?

Place your order immediately because only 100 copies of the Change Maker Package will be released. This is to enable me fulfill my PRICELESS AFTER-SALES SUPPORT, MENTORSHIP AND SERVICE efficiently.


Pay “GH¢20” to MTN Mobile Money account 0243646630 or Airtel Money account 0265343664. The account name is Diana Osei

You may either visit a Mobile Money agent to assist you send me the money or you can send it yourself directly from your mobile phone by following these simple steps:

If you are an MTN Mobile Money subscriber:
Dial: *170# on your MTN phone number
Select: Transfer Money (Ensuring you have sufficient money in your MTN e-wallet)
Select: Mobile Money User
Select: Subscriber
Enter mobile number: 0243 64 66 30
Enter Amount: GH¢ 20.00
Enter Reference: Your e-mail address 
Enter Pin Code: your MTN Mobile Money PIN
If you are an Airtel Money subscriber:         
Dial: *500# on your Airtel phone number
Select: Send Money (Ensuring you have sufficient money in your Airtel e-wallet)
Select: To Mobile Number
Enter recipient's number: 0265 343 664
Enter Amount: GH¢ 20.00
Enter PIN: your Airtel Money PIN

Payment Confirmation SMS:
After making your payment, please send me a text message to 0265 343 664 only with the following information:
1.    your full name (just as it appears in your Mobile Money Account Name),
2.    your valid e-mail address,
3.    the name of the mobile money agent you used (if applicable),
4.    your best phone number,
5.    the full name of the person who referred you to Change Maker Fan Club (if applicable)

Within twenty-four (24) hours of confirming your payment, I will send you your Change Maker Package as an attachment through the e-mail address you provided in your Payment Confirmation SMS

I will use the e-mail address,, to send you your Package, so remember to check your spam folder in case you do not see my e-mail in your inbox. 

In my e-mail to you, there will be clear instructions on how to download and open the Change Maker Package and what next steps to take after reading everything inside. So, please ensure that the e-mail address you send to me is the correct one.  

More than 10,000 people are reading this presently but only 100 copies of the Change Maker Package will be released for just GH¢20. So, please do not postpone your buying decision if you have a strong desire to become a self-sufficient entrepreneur and retire successful. I am waiting to hold your hand and work with you step by step to help make your financial dreams a reality.  

As soon as the 100 copies are exhausted, the Change Maker Package will be sold for GH¢50 or I may even decide not to sell it any more. Therefore, act immediately by placing your order before the 1st of February 2018 for GH¢20 only and guarantee your place in the Change Maker Fan Club.

I wish you a Prosperous New Year 2018 and may the blessings be!

See you in the Change Maker Fan Club Members’ Area.

To your success, 
Diana Osei

Diana Osei
Founder and President, Change Maker Fan Club

P.S.: Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears. So don't let anything or anyone hold you back. Now is your time to start working on you and your life. I guarantee you 100% satisfaction with the Change Maker Package. 

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